Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Saw the Sign!

One thing I love most about commuting is seeing these amusing signs. Here are some of my latest finds:

1. CSR - Hugs not Drugs
Libertad St. Pasay, Manila

What a compelling copy! It goes beyond the usual "Say No To Drugs" and it's able to associate its company with the government project.

After all, drugs and hugs both give you pleasure. So you can just go and check-in with someone to hug instead of doing drugs. Perhaps they can follow it up with "JUGS NOT JUTS."


Arayat, Cubao, Quezon City

I see this street everyday and I had to check twice before I was convinced that I was reading it right. While other streets in QC are of good qualities (Matalino, Mayumi, Maginhawa), this one is straightforward and realistic. It's not Malusog or Busog--just Mataba.

I just have to check next if it's part of Barangay Pinagkaisahan.


Once upon a time, the huge pink sign saying "Walang Tawiran, Nakamamatay" sounded harsh and scary. But perhaps Filipino pedestrians were not threatened by the color and the text that they still took their chances between life and death by crossing the streets.

So they came up with this red, straightforward sign.

(Sa ilalim ng flyover) GMA Kamuning, EDSA

And around 10 meters from this sign is this one:

(Sa ilalim pa rin ng flyover, GMA Kamuning, EDSA)

Take note, MARAMI NA. And take note again, there is a wire fence beneath these signs so the possibility of success in crossing the street is very low. So if you really don't want to walk a little to get to the MRT overpass, you need to ignore the sign and damage public property using brute force.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


On my way to Laguna, I got lost somewhere in Las Pinas and ended up in Alabang's bus terminal. And there, one bus caught my eye:

I wonder why it was named as such. Do you get free pansit with every purchase of a bus ticket? Will you have long life if you ride it? Or was it for the sole beauty of rhymes? It didn't need a word related to speed, or travel, or their names. As long as it rhymes, it's gonna be fine!

If I would have a bus company, I would name it Pusit Transit or Damit Transit. (Sa sobrang bilis, lahat malapit!)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reasons why I love my mom

It's mother's day and a lot of people on facebook are changing their profile pictures to that of their mothers. I changed mine too even if my mom doesn't have a facebook account (and I definitely would not want her to have one) so later this afternoon, I would show it to her as if saying "O, ma, tignan mo ah, love kita ah!"

It's a good thing that Hallmark invented this day (a great maketing tool to sell their greeting cards) so at least once a year, we get a chance to remember our mothers.

So here are some reasons why I love my mom.

1. She's prettier than I am so the genes really helped to balance the resulting look.
2. She forgives me over and over again.

3. My mom doesn't cook much but she likes to fix fruit juices.

4. She has sacrificed a lot for me

5. She went through the scary process called giving birth so I can be welcomed into this world.

6. Even with crazy decisions, she still supports me.

7. She loves chocolates so much so it's easy to make her happy.

8. She is a good listener.

9. She rants about her reminders over and over again so I don't forget about things that I must do.

10. Her overflowing love for me makes it easier to love others as well.

There are still more reasons why I love my mom. I guess I need to show her this again later to say O ma, tignan mo, love kita ah!

Are you sure?

After more than a year, the ninja is back and she's here to blurt out her opinions simply because blogging allows her to do so! (It's kinda weird to use the third person, perhaps only E.T. can pull it off)

I bet you don't care what happened to me within that year of absence and babbling about it would just be a waste of space. But at this moment in my life, I am a full-time freelance writer and I now write about anything under the sun or the moon (or nimbus clouds on rainy days).

And today, I am writing about a very exciting topic: INSURANCE! Yes ladies and gentlemen, INSURANCE! To be more specific, non-life INSURANCE!

This picture from came out first in google images when I typed in "insurance."

I used to be afraid of the general insurance idea because of those agents in the malls who have been using the same lines for at least 10 years to lure people into getting into an air-conditioned room with free juice. This usually comes with a "fear creation session" to convince you to get insured.

Classic examples of luring lines are:

"Mam may credit card na po?"
"Ay sakto mam! Lucky color namin ngayon Blue!" (sabay hawak sa plastic ng SM Department store na hawak ko)

Though I was worried that my nose would unceasingly bleed as I read and write about insurance, I discovered that the non-life insurance principle is pretty simple. You spend your money on something (like buy yourself a car or put up a business) and since getting something usually comes with fear of losing it, you can get it insured so if it meets an unfortunate circumstance, you can get it back.

In short, with insurance, what you purchase is peace of mind.

And with crazy typhoons and extreme weather, properties are now more at risk. With many bad people around, burglars and thieves are just around the corner so it is good to safeguard your home. With a lot of hotheaded drivers on the roads of the city, car accidents can hit you anytime.

So getting insured is pretty cool after all.

I have always wondered if any insurance company would offer insurance for heartbreak. The premium would be pretty high for sure because if there's anything as sure as death in this life, it is the occurrence of heartbreak. It's a risk but the insurer would surely have a lot of clients!

Since I have no idea how to end this post, let me ask you a question:
If you were J. Lo, would you insure your butt? What possible butt-affecting catastrophes are you expecting that you need to have it insured?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hannah Montana Milesters of the Month: issue 8

We had the fashion shoot for the hannah Montana magazine featuring the milesters of the month, Chacha and Charm. The girls were really adorable and super pretty.

When I took a photo with them, I noticed that even with my 4-inch boots, I am just as tall as these 12-year-old girls. Must be the milk. :)

They're wearing TopShop, Freeway, and Solo outfits and here, they're holding a super cool and sleek pink Canon camera.

It's always fun to shoot for Hannah Montana magazine. Love yah girls! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: A Fa"Ni"Tastic Film!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) is a superb classic which never fails to crack me up. I laugh harder and harder at this film as I get older (I don't know the reason behind this pattern, it just happens). This collaboration of Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones is pure genius! The down-right fake props, obvious pitch problems of men who play women roles, it's incredibly witty script, and the sheer stupidity of the characters make it a very very intelligent film.

Who would have thought that saying the word "Ni" over and over again would make us laugh harder and harder? For those who have watched the film, here are some pics from the movie. For those who have'nt, watch it on free streaming sites or better yet, buy a DVD. This one is definitely worth it.

The Knights of the Round Table

Take a look at the crotch of this three-headed man.

The Knights who say "Ni!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Enigmata Mania

There are a lot of wonderful spots in Camiguin but perhaps one of the most exciting and interesting destination for us (my friend Sarah and I), is our accomodation: Enigmata Tree House.

It is a house made and maintained by artists of Mindanao. Each of its rooms give a feel of local artistry and a vibe of nature. It is build on an age-old acacia tree and is decorated with dreamcatchers, knitted bells, paintings, and other crafts.

We stayed in Enigmata's Eagle's Nest Room during our short trip to Camiguin; and the room was really big for the two of us (It could accommodate 10 persons). It has two hammocks in the living room where we took an afternoon nap. It's sleeping area is also adorable--each mattress has its own kulambo and a big dreamcatcher over it. It also has a loft in the bedroom which has more mattresses for more people.

The Enigmata Tree House is indeed a work of art and staying there goes as low as P200.00/pax. For more information, log on to ( make sure you book as soon as possible for there are only a few rooms in this treehouse. And if you get to stay there, don't forget to order a cup of Camiguin's signature hot chocolate. :)